Open Data Map (ODM)

What is the Open Data Map?

The ImpactSpace Open Data Map is our answer for anyone that wants to reference ImpaceSpace or include basic ImpactSpace profile information within their application. The Data map includes the core ImpactSpace information for Company, Financial Organization, People and Supporting Organization in the ImpactSpace Data Set.

Who can use the Open Data Map?

At this time, only organizations with a data partnership with ImpactSpace can access the ODM. Our data partners must provide reasonable attribution if they decide to integrate the data into their application.

Open Data Map Formats

The ODM is available as JSON and CSV formats and it's updated daily.

Common Parameter


Accessible value, json - JSON formatted or csv - CSV(Comma Separated Values) formatted (e.g. type=json or type=csv).
By default, the Open Data Map downloaded as JSON formatted.


When provided, restricts the result set to profiles where updated_at >= date
(eg: updated_since=2013-09-21 )


Accessing the Open Data Map

Access to the Open Data Map requires registration. If you have further questions, email us at [email protected]

get /company/download

get /finorg/download

get /suporg/download