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Eco friendly pest control solutions provider.

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Barrix provide eco friendly inputs for cultivation to farmers in two categories like pest control products and plant nutritional products.The pest control products include1) Pheromone products likea) Barrix Catch Fruit fly trapb) Barrix Catch Vegetable fly trapc) Barrix Catch Housefly trap2) Chromatic Traps likea) Barrix Magic sticker in Blue and yellow colours in the form of sheets & Rolls3) Natural Immunity Enhancersa) Barrix Controlb) Barrix All shooterThe plant nutritional Products include1) Micronutrientsa) Nutrilik singles Boron Zinc Iron Copper manganese magnesiumb) Nutriclik Micronutrient mixtures in 150 combinationsc) Natural Nutritional supplements liked) Barrix Maya ortho silicic acid in Nano forme) Barrix Plantchargerf) Barrix WetterPlant with proper supplement of macro and micro nutrients which helps in increases tillers avoids dropping of flowers flowers setting fruit formation will be good and Maya is ortho silicic acid which maintains moisture in extreme climate increases biomass and absorbs all plant required nutrients.Barrix Products contributes to control the pest infestations and reduces the pesticides application in agriculture. This results in residue less high crop yield and qualifies for export.Our products have been licensed from FCO All states Agriculture departments Bio product division of states agriculture department ICAR IIHR NRDC Ecocert Aditi under APEDA.They have Research & Development centre approved by products developed and funded by DST DBT BIRAC ANIC 1.0 under NITI AAYOG. Till now they have developed more than 38 new pheromone molecules and 10 Patents applied for various pheromone products which can be used to control our crops form pests like Red Palm Weevil Diamond Back Moth Tea Mosquito bug and 25 more pests.For more details you can go through our website www.barrix.inTheir pheromone products include the Barrix Fruit fly traps that target 83 species of pests in fruit crops Barrix vegetable fly traps that target 226 species of pests in vegetable crops Yellow chromatic traps targets 19 different pest species blue chromatic traps targets 3 pest species and housefly pheromone trap can control nuisance pest housefly in all live stock areas. Barrix Agro Sciences has served about 1.2 million farmers and sold around 1 million traps in India (16 districts) srilanka Bangladesh Nepal. Barrix distributes its products through live demos and workshops for awareness building. The Company plans to launch pheromone traps to protect agriculturally important crops like Rice Wheat Sugarcane Brinjal and Cotton in the future.


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