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Danphe Energy Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2012 keeping in mind the massive gap between Nepal s energy supply and demand. Despite after years of planning the condition of the power industry in Nepal has aggravated to an all time low. Demand is soaring at an increasing rate. High dependency on large hydro units that have way passed their expected date of operation has led to load shedding up to 16 hours a day during the peak seasons. Needless to say no industry can be sustained in the country at this rate. Hence it is crucial that the entire nation looks into its energy basket closely and devise alternatives to meet its demand before the supply demand gap gets any worse.Energy is a multi dimensional topic and so to tackle any issue regarding it requires a multidimensional approach. With a strong research based team experienced in multi million dollar projects from around the world Danphe envisions itself as being one of the key contributors to solving the energy crisis in Nepal. Danphe s solid business acumen coupled with strong technical expertise makes it highly capable of zooming into any energy problem at hand regardless of the technologies used and then developing a comprehensive reliable solution at the lowest cost possible.In the past three years we have evolved from being just an implementation firm to include procurement handling financing and now project development & management under its core activities. Given the rapid changes in the Nepalese energy market in these years we have determined that our strengths can best be utilized as a project development & management firm that is able to combine multi sectorial stakeholders to bring together a holistic energy solution for the society. Technologies we have covered so far are solar PV solar thermal wind and biogas. We will soon be adding capabilities to cover small & large hydro and energy construction.We also believe that Nepal suffers from a severe gap of quality information that can help make accurate decisions for projects. Hence Danphe s Consulting Wing offers superior research and consulting services within the energy domain enabling its clients to make informed decisions on the projects at hand. Our clients include government and non government organizations bilateral donor institutions and private bodies.


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