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In Harmony Foundation, Inc

To develop Sustainable Cities that protect inhabitants from Climate Change

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We have designed a perfect utopian city that provides sustainability for the inhabitants while mitigating ecological disruption and pollution and at the same greatly improving the physical efficiency to a higher level of modern technological operation. The City is walkable and transit oriented eliminating cars trucks and 98% of roads. A unique Layered Transportation Corridor connects all the Micro city buildings to each with open forest space between. The layered roads separate walking human power mass transit and autonomous vehicles to prevent accidents. The walkway and human powered levels will be within a controlled environment. All efforts are made to eliminate the external weather variability of Climate Change from interfering from commuting to work.These small walkable cities concentrate citizens into high density living for greater socio economic activities under one roof. They would be organized in cluster pattern of job skills and work development so people will have much more compatible interests.The circular Factory Rings are another unique feature to multi levels of workspace and transport system to bring in supplies as well as shipping them out. An underground freight system moves material in modular containers in distribution from the Factory Ring to each building as well as loading train cars for export goods. All of this being mechanized and not competing with people movement above ground. We invented the only method of Sustainable Development that returns 80% of city land back Urban Forest Wilderness. This new way of living is called Retractable Development with a philosophy of Co Habitating the Earth. This creates a symbiotic relationship of benevolent dominion instead of the current malevolent tyranny.Buildings maintain Net Zero Groundwater use while recycling solid and liquid waste into disease free nutritious food 24 x 7. Buildings maintain a filtered air system with environmental controls for temperature and humidity.Food is produced inside a circular Vertical Farm building using hydroponic and aeroponic techniques. This controlled environment eliminates climate variables and insect/disease damage. Water is recycled with no extraction from groundwater. Food is transferred in re usable containers to restaurants and foods courts of each building.Work is based on a Circular Economy with most supply items being sustainably recycled. Sourcing of new supply materials will require new ways to use waste or transporting back to the origin in restoration.We need to supply new cities for 1 billion people with each city having about 2 million inhabitants there will be a need for 500 IDEAL CITIES or 2500 Micro Cities the size and scale of Hudson Yards. This is the new infrastructure that we all have been waiting for. These new cities will be the developed goal of what scientists have been clamoring for to solve the CO2 air pollution factor atmospheric climate change. In addition it solves the problem of loss of habitat for other species so we can reverse the Anthropogenic Sixth Great Extinction that is reducing Bio Diversity across the planet.We need investment to build the In Harmony Foundation and complete technology development of some of our System. There are over 100 years of work to do with a billion people being involved to make it happen. We are now in a global struggle for survival. It is just a question of realizing it!


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