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Kymab is discovering and developing fully human monoclonal antibody therapeutics using our pioneering Kymouse platform. We are building a rich pipeline of assets in four therapeutic spaces immuno oncology inflammation haematology and infectious diseases.The Kymouse strains have more base pairs of the human immunoglobulin genes than any other model. Their performance is exceptional virtually every mouse responds to challenge producing high titre polyclonal antibodies to a variety of antigens including highly conserved human antigens.We are improving the value of Kymouse platform still further for therapeutic antibody and vaccine discovery through novel developments.Our strategy is to use our pioneering technology to grow our in house drug discovery and development pipeline as well as partner with others to maximise the technology's application in the development of novel medicines.We have a highly experienced leadership team and Board of Directors who have proven track records of successfully developing marketed therapeutic biologics and growing billion dollar companies.Our team has a rich mix of relevant scientific and business experience from many of the world's leading biotechnology pharmaceutical and academic organisations.Since our founding in 2010 we have secured $220 million in equity financing from leading investors to enable us to develop the Kymouse platform and create a portfolio of therapeutic antibody assets. With private financing from Wellcome Trust Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Woodford Patient Capital Trust plc Malin Corporation plc ORI Fund and Hepalink we can create a mature and long term vision for success in tackling some of the most challenging diseases.We have leveraged technology developed in the laboratory of Professor Allan Bradley from the Sanger Institute a world leading genomics research centre.


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Human health & social work Limited Liability Company Operating 51 - 200 employees

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Meditrina Babraham Research
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