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Mobile Agribusiness

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Mobile Agribusiness is a web and SMS based mobile app that enable farmers to obtain necessary information (weather crop pricing goods prices etc.) and skills (how to plant crops how to use fertilizers etc.) and connects them to the market Finally to help them to improve their productivity to empower their skills to increase their incomes and to enhance food security and nutrition in Congo. The app reduces delay farmers can have their goods in to the market the same days as they produce resulting by incomes increasing as the price of their goods depends to the quality and to be able to better discuss the their goods in the market as they have access to transparent market price information through the app. The app helps farmers to obtain also skills such as the uses of fertilizer will impact directly on environment as they will learn knowledge and apply new practices that contribute to sustainable agriculture it will help then to enhance their productivity.rnMobile Agribusiness is innovative because it's the first application that uses mobile technologies to support agriculture and farmers purposes in the democratic republic of Congo giving farmers not only information about the crop pricing weather etc. but also transparent market prices information and skills to empower their knowledge will enable them to better discuss their goods in the market. In definitive it's a new business model for farmers and agriculture sector in the democratic republic of Congo.rnMobile Agribusiness holds a potential to attract more young people as the incorporation of information communication technologies (ICTs) such as the Internet mobile phones computers and Global Positioning Systems associated or not with traditional communication technologies play an important role in mobilizing young people in agriculture.


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