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The idea of an enzyme based cleaning formula was first conceived in the 1980 s by Dr. L.H. Sampson. At the time Dr. Sampson was working for Burroughs Corporation (Unisys) producing computer components. The various components Dr. Sampson worked on required the use of sensitive optical equipment. Naturally this equipment needed regular cleaning to achieve a consistent output. To clean the sensitive optical equipment Dr. Sampson first used a conventional cleaner that contained toxic solvents and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These harsh chemicals eliminated most dirt and dust but over a relatively short period of time deteriorated the lens coating and left almost undetectable marks on the optics which were impossible to remove. These marks when left unchecked grew and multiplied as the conventional cleaner was used repeated times eventually leading to the destruction of the lens coating entirely. This led Dr. Sampson to explore new methods of optical cleaning. In the mid 1980 s Dr. Sampson began research to find an alternative to the inefficient cleaners he had been using in the past. Dr. Sampson s research revealed that an atomic charge held by the surface material is what causes dirt and dust to adhere to it so he narrowed his research to find a way to neutralize or even reverse this charge. In 1989 Dr. Sampson finally found the answer to this problem in the form of an organic aqueous solution which he called Ultratech. The product was the first of its kind and the reactions to early test results and trials were positive. Utilizing many resources Dr. Sampson gave samples to several scientific colleagues who marveled at this new cleaning solution. Among these colleagues were several scientists at Sandia National Labs who were working on various space flight projects. They expressed real interest in the usefulness of this formula for spaceflight. For the next several years Dr. Sampson encouraged by the positive response to his product continued his research to perfect Ultratech.


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