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We re using technology to optimize the flow of waste from generation to treatment. Solu re configures the waste collection process by attaching a material monetary value to segregated waste to incentivize citizens to segregate and then sell their waste. Solu improves the value of waste at a grass roots level by a factor of between five and eight (material dependent). Solu is an asset lite technology platform that connects all actors within the waste management sector in a coherent structure from street sweepers to industrial waste to energy facilities. Solu utilizes existing infrastructure in the form of junk shops and MRFs to act as aggregators of segregated materials and these actors are guaranteed a minimum of a 15% margin on all materials that they buy a vast increase on their current expected margins. Once capacity is close to full an auction begins for the private sector who are able to bid on a certain volume of segregated at source materials. If there is no private sector demand then the relevant LGU is mandated to purchase the materials at a pre agreed upon price per unit of material. This is a cheaper and much more efficient of method of waste collection for LGUs (or the LGUs outsourced waste haulage partner) than the typical door to door street to street methodology currently deployed we can demonstrate our analysis on request.So we increase earnings potential for the vulnerable in society we save government money we decrease the negative environmental effect that waste (in the Phillipines in particular) causes and we increase the viability of waste degradation technologies such as 'to energy' biogas recycling and repurposing plants. All through our proprietary process improving technology that employs machine learning and big data analysis to optimise our dynamic and adaptive pricing algorithm and our innovative peer to peer payment network. We're currently in deep conversations with 4 municipalities here in Metro Manila to trial Solu at the end of August and we're in conversation with the ADB to be a part of four upcoming urban renewal projects here in the Philippines beginning late Autumn. We've already had expressions of interest from municipalities outside of Metro Manila and have been invited to operate in other nations in South Asia.


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