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Impact Entrepreneur, LLC

United States of America

Impact Entrepreneur NetworkGlobal home of the impact entrepreneur.Recently honored as one of the Best LinkedIn Groups for Small Business this international discussion and networking group representing 150 countries is focused on the social entrepreneur 2.0 and the new business ecosystem that supports them. Impact entrepreneurs are pioneering businesswomen and men who have gone a step beyond creating companies that do good in the world to actively building and populating a new paradigm and infrastructure for business founded upon the rigorous application of blended value (certified triple bottom line).https//www.linkedin.com/groups/3954990Impact Entrepreneur LLCImpact Entrepreneur LLC is a business development consultancy for the worldwide Impact Entrepreneur Network. Motivated by global sustainability context and triple bottom line principles Impact Entrepreneur LLC is a gathering agent for high quality impact investment opportunities and consults between the seams of the Network working with entrepreneurs investors and scholars of social and environmental impact around the world. Impact Entrepreneur Center for Social and Environmental InnovationThe Impact Entrepreneur Center for Social and Environmental Innovation is a regional national & global epicenter for entrepreneurs investors scholars and students of social and environmental impact as well as others passionate about creating accelerating and scaling profitable enterprises that drive measurable impactful change.IEC is pioneering two new economic development models the Regional Impact Economy and Public Benefit Enterprise Zone. Regional Impact Economies emphasize place based development and are distinguished by an abundance of double and triple bottom line businesses that are fueled by impact investments. Public Benefit Enterprise Zones (PBEZs) are a tool employed in the regional impact economy model.

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Rocket Space

United States of America

RocketSpace was launched in January 2011 by Duncan Logan a technology exec who was frustrated with the bleak options for his new startup in San Francisco either spend an outrageous amount of money on a private office in an isolated building or join a co working facility where his team would be surrounded by non technology freelancers.

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Spring is a global startup school for entrepreneurs who want to do better business.Whether that means social impact is part of your mandate or you are creating more impactful business practices or adopting eco awareness. We help businesses and entrepreneurs make a difference to their company and the world.

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