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Malawi Mangoes


Malawi Mangoes is a unique inclusive business in the African agricultural arena and the first major International standard Fruit Processor in Malawi.It's mission is to deliver positive development both economically and in terms of general well being to the people of Malawi through a financially viable and commercially driven business.After 2 years of research completion of a feasibility study and fundraising operations in Malawi began in January 2011 and the business is on target to be processing its first fruit in the final quarter of 2013. Initially focusing on varieties of mangoes and bananas demanded by the major fruit drinks market once established Malawi Mangoes will produce and process in excess of 100000mT of fruit per annum in a 100% renewable energy international standard processing facility and from smallholder farmers and Rainforest Alliance certified farms.This is being achieved by the blending of the very best international expertise with the very best local expertise and by both growing our own fruit and sourcing and investing directly from the local communities.