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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

We started AIDTech to offer better transparency in international aid and support services for refugees migrants and those in need. We want to offer a solution to the problem of financial inclusion for those who are currently excluded from public financial and digital services because they are unbanked or undocumented. Using blockchain based technology allows for direct entitlements and complete traceability and transparency. The problem we are solving is firstly that of financial inclusion. Once a beneficiary is registered on our platform via our partners such as the Red Cross the UN or governmental welfare depts they gain a access to a diverse variety of services. Through access to an accredited personal profile beneficiary can lay claim to services such as capital insurance pensions donations and remittances. This serves as the basis towards more equitable basic human rights and access. Using the example of a smallholding farmer by establishing a legal identity (SDG 16.9) documented on the blockchain their profile serves to host entitlements such as land registry records insurance and remittances. In 10 years time we want to see hundreds of millions of users transacting on our platform making the most of services made available via our blockchain solution.

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TalkingPoints connects teachers parents and students to build meaningful relationships so that students can feel better supported in their learning. Using simple accessible mobile based technology (SMS) TalkingPoints delivers personalized and actionable content to encourage dialogue between and behavioral changes of parents teachers and students. By breaking down the informational cultural and socioeconomic barriers between school and home TalkingPoints vision is to narrow the achievement gap through increasing effective family engagement in low income communities in a low cost high reward way.



The Yield


The Yield is an Australian agricultural technology company. We re on a mission to transform food and farming practices by building secure scalable digital technology. We work closely with produce growers to design our solutions because we re committed to solving real challenges at farm level and throughout the food chain. Our primary product Sensing can be applied to agriculture and aquaculture and helps to increase yield reduce waste mitigate the risk and cost associated with bad weather and aid environmental sustainability.

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