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African Chicken

United Republic of Tanzania

African Chicken is a distributed grower of chickens in Tanzania working with dozens of smallholder women farmers providing them chicks then aggregating and distributing the fully grown chickens. An entrepreneur who took is life savings to buy all the equipment needed to get this business up and running.

Agriculture, forestry & fishing


Brent Technologies


Brent metamorphosed from Skyfield Savings and Loans Ltd that started operation in 2002 with N200million Capital base which was increased to N1billion in 2007. In April 2010 new management and reconstituted board took over the organization. Structure and Strategy to engender growth and good corporate governance were emplaced. The new management moved the organization aggressively and cautiously from a State of low adjusted capital poor staff morale and waned customers confidence to an enviable level for recapitalization in two years.

Administrative & support services




Cropital crowdfunds farmers in the Philippines using a novel business model where the investors and the website earn a percentage of the profits. A team of three young energetic entrepreneurs who tested this model out and are now eager to find a way to scale it up.

Financial & Insurance activites




Ecobuild is a green-powered brick company in Malawi, with aspirations of being the first green fuel company in that country. Father and son team who have procured the land, clay, and partnerships for agricultural wastes needed to get this business up and running.

Financial & Insurance activites




Geossy Ltd is a Social Enterprise Registered in the Republic of Uganda in 2008. They help fishing communities through training to carry out cage fish farming in lakes that they do fishing. Geossy team has trained over 1023 fishermen women and youths across Uganda since 2013. The communities were equipped with skills to make bamboo metallic and eucalyptus poles cages breed fingerlings produce on farm fish feed and carry out fish farming management. Their Head Office is located in Nalukolongo industrial area plot 516 Masaka Road Kampala Uganda.



Green Wallboard

United States of America

Green Wallboard is a yet unnamed company from Bainbridge Island Washington with an invention for a replacement for wallboard. Better and faster and cheaper. Made from recycled paper. Introduced to Fledge from Element8 Angels asking for guidance to build a solid business plan to bring this invention to market.

Waste Management & Recycling


Ziweto Enterprise


Ziweto (a local name for livestock) is a social enterprise operating in the livestock sector in Malawi. The aim of Ziweto is to revolutionize the way that livestock and veterinary services are offered to smallholder farmers in Malawi by creating a more sustainable model of livestock service delivery. The enterprise will establish a network of franchised and branded agrovet shops owned and operated by young people who are qualified as veterinarians livestock technicians and other livestock and agricultural professionals. The franchise owners are carefully selected to ensure the likelihood of success of the enterprise. Each franchisee is a resident of the local area which ensures they have the trust of the community and deep knowledge of the local market.

Professional & technical services