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Advocates for Informed Choice

United States of America

Protect the civil rights of intersex children through legal advocacy engaging parents doctors attorneys and intersex advocates in strategies that are grounded in compassion and respect for all involved.interACT uses innovative strategies to advocate for the legal and human rights of children born with intersex traits while raising intersex visibility in the media and empowering intersex young people to become the next generation of intersex advocates. Parents doctors mental health professionals affected adults and family members all care deeply about protecting these children. However the historical treatment of children born with intersex traits and the reality of society s intolerance of difference has created so much pain and anger that these different groups of stakeholders have had a great deal of difficulty in communicating with each other. Recognizing that all these groups have the best interests of children at heart interACT believes that improving communication is a crucial part of improving care for children born with intersex traits. So while we are clear that our constituents are the children we maintain a constant focus on respectful compassion for all those who care for the children we serve.

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