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Bhutan Tours and Travels


Bhutan Tours and Travels has been in the field of tourism since its inception in the early 1970s. Founded and established by our late father Dorji Gyaltshen who was one of the core team members entrusted by the Royal Government of Bhutan to implement its grand vision for the tourism industry. In the 1980s when Bhutan issued a few private tour licenses Bhutan Tours and Travels is one of them as a business it was formally licensed and established in 1988. The story continues with us a sister and brother duo moving forward into the future with the hope to take visitors on a conscious journey of mindful appreciation and contemplation of our tiny Himalayan nation. The team We work with a solid team who are dedicated and passionate about travel business and showing our beautiful country to our visitors. Our guides who are the ambassadors of our countries are all experienced and well versed both in the cultural traditions of the land as well as in conducting tour groups in comfort and safety through the high mountain terrains. We welcome to you learn more about our country the history the present the beauty and the challenges. We look forward to taking you on a journey through our beloved country.