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We are a social entrepreneurship using renewable technology to accelerate rural development and empower businesses in rural Africa. We believe everyone should have access to affordable reliable sustainable energy and potable water to help improve their quality of life. We are proud to be a venture supported by KIC InnoEnergy. Our unique solution KUDURA (meaning the power to change in Swahili) is a reliable proven and scaleable mini grid utility hub for remote areas with a 20 year lifetime guarantee. It is fully customizable to provide pre paid electricity biogas biofertilizer and clean drinking water to rural villages schools clinics farms agricultural and industrial factories and commercial businesses. We have demonstrable improvements in outcomes like increasing income access to education improving health including reducing incidences of respiratory and waterborne illness and other measurable outcomes. Our innovative business model transforms KUDURA into an investment vehicle providing a financial ROI of up to 20% for the purchaser or developer in addition to the improved social & environmental outcomes. We kickstart small businesses within the community for added economic empowerment and poverty reduction. For more information visit www.rvesol.com. To pilot or purchase a KUDURA unit please email inforvesol.com