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ILIMI The African Development University


The mission of A.D.U. is to prepare the most talented young people in Francophone Africa to lead the development of their nations as entrepreneurs accountants physicians engineers and government officials. A.D.U. is an innovative not for profit university in Niger. Founded in October 2017 A.D.U. currently offers undergraduate programs an MBA program and executive courses. Over the next decade A.D.U. aspires to become the hub of innovation and excellence in higher education in West Africa. Niger is one of the least developed countries in the world. Our desire to train a new generation of skilled ethical leaders is motivated by our commitment to advancing Niger s development and to improving living standards for all. We ultimately aim to advance the development of countries throughout the region and raising the standard of living across the region. A.D.U. was established to address two of the most pressing problems facing the region 1) the dearth of quality tertiary educational institutions and 2) the increasing cohort of young adults unprepared for participation and leadership in the 21st century workforce.