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Asociacion Nacional de Derechos Ambiental

United States of America

Build Puerto Rico's first environmental law center to bridge the environmental justice gap triggering community participation for a healthy environment and sustainable development.The National Association of Environmental Law center of non profit environmental law requests a summary of dynamic creative people with the ability to work in groups and committed to community service to perform part time tasks in the following areas (1) Institutional Development Officer and (2) Services Coordinator. These positions are contemplated for part time work for six (6) months . The person must be unemployed and must register with the Department of Labor before signing the contract. Possibility of extending contract subject to performance and availability of funds.Environmental justice is a developing concept in Puerto Rico. Most environmental litigation involves communities against powerful interests such as corporations and the government. Without resources to obtain legal representation or equitable enforcement of current policies communities struggle to reach justice through governmental proceedings. Existing environmental organizations in Puerto Rico do not provide legal counseling or representation. Asociacion Nacional de Derecho Ambiental (ANDA) is the first environmental law firm on the island. ANDA develos a network of relationships with communities and organizations in order to empower the citizens of Puerto Rico to tackle the root of environmental injustice. ANDA also conducts regularly scheduled workshops on environmental law trains grassroots leaders in participatory democracy opens dialogue with those most vulnerable to environmental abuses and offers free legal representation before the judicial and administrative forums.

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Cloud for Good

United States of America

Cloud for Good works with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology.