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Eco Fuels Kenya


EFK Group (Eco Fuels Kenya) is an innovative social enterprise committed to sustainable agribusiness development through the production of high value renewable energy and organic agricultural outputs. As the first and only producer of croton bioenergy and agricultural products EFK has found a viable and scalable solution using the croton nut an indigenous East African nut that has no other commercial productive or edible use. EFK s business model incorporates a holistic approach that has many benefits in the agricultural value chain. These include clean energy and agricultural products targeted at smallholder farmers SMEs and larger agribusinesses additional income for thousands of rural bottom of the pyramid nut collectors 85% of whom are women and unemployed youth and the promotion of sustainable agroforestry systems. EFK produces poultry feed biofuel and organically certified fertilizers all through a no waste manufacturing process based on the croton nut. EFK directly addresses the challenges in the agricultural sector in Kenya it creates consistent affordable and sustainable agricultural and energy inputs while having a high social and environmental impact.