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Aleria PBC

United States of America

Aleria is a Public Benefit Corporation that helps companies plan execute and measure the impact of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. You probably would not put your entire retirement savings into bitcoin just because it has done well (mostly) since its launch. And you probably would not put your entire advertising budget into TV just because we've had TV for 70 years. Then why do people think it's OK to have executive teams and boards that are mostly male and white just because white men have done so well in business in the past? The reason why companies struggle with the value of diversity is because unlike advertising and financial management there are no tools that can help us to quantify the impact of diversifying human capital assets i.e. the diversity of our teams. Our solutions are based on two decades of applied research using a combination of behavioral science and computer simulations to quantify the link between the performance of individual employees and the performance of the company as a whole. By quantifying the value of D&I companies can ensure their employees are happier while also increasing performance. Please contact us (infoaleria.tech) for additional information or to discuss your D&I needs and schedule a workshop.




United States of America

Neustar drives the connected world forward. As a global information services provider and the leader in Connection Science we have the most complete understanding of how to connect people places and things. Our marketing risk security registry and communications solutions help over 12000 clients grow and guard their business.

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