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EntreHub is a network of successful entrepreneurs business leaders coaches and mentors who have come together to provide real and practical advice guidance and support to those who want to bring ideas to life. It's provide news case studies insights and information to our members.


Makers Unite


Makers Unite is a platform for social inclusion providing equal opportunities to newcomers & locals by making products with a story that matters. We believe that making together leads to dialogue and trust. By the power of making we connect people to real opportunities. By offering people a physical place to meet and a valuable activity their social network grows. In co design we transform the life vests into new products which are worth having. Makers Unite has designed an effective social inclusion programme based on collaboratively creating sustainable products. While getting to know each other participants discover their talents ambitions and how to connect to local networks. We connect participants to our extensive network of partners educational institutions and companies to guide them to the next step as an active citizen. We share the stories of newcomers to the public by selling our collection of fashion and lifestyle products made of life vests. Newcomers have the opportunity to tell their own story at (open) making workshops with schools companies and organisations.