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Juhudi Kilimo


Juhudi Kilimo is a social enterprise that provides asset financing and technical assistance to smallholder farmers and small to medium agro businesses throughout Kenya. Juhudi operates exclusively in very rural areas giving smallholder farmers access to the tools they need to scale up and succeed.

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SoPact's ( https//www.sopact.com ) mission is to enable all organizations and initiatives to assess their human and environmental impact for a more sustainable and resilient future.Impact Cloud is a theory of change driven platform that allows funders mission driven organizations and sustainable organizations to easily measure and manage their social and environmental impact. Impact Manager allows asset owners asset managers and funders to manage impact portfolio & impact data aggregation impact due diligence the theory of change investment portfolio investee/grantee Data aggregation analytics and impact reporting. Designed for impact investors grantmakers social accelerators/incubators CDFI public agencies M&EImpact Maker For social enterprises nonprofits and small & growing businessesPowerful Lean Data Social Impact Learning & Reporting PlatformTheory of Change DrivenAdvanced Data Management Outcome ManagementPowerful Data AnalyticsImpact Reporting

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