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Model Resettlement Village

As a result of civil conflict spanning the last twenty years Sri Lanka s Tamil and Muslim populations remain deeply divided and vulnerable. The conflict resulted in 730000 internally displaced Sri Lankans and while almost half have returned to their homes since the ceasefire in 2002 they are not adequately protected and assisted. As a result this population faces threats to their safety dispossession of their property landlessness and lack of livelihood opportunities and basic services. MRP resettles mixed groups of Tamil and Muslim internally displaced families in their native Mannar giving preference to war widows rape victims the disabled young female heads of households and internally displaced people living in refugee camps. The organization takes a uniquely inclusive approach to building harmony in Sri Lanka by setting an example of ethnic reconciliation and peaceful coexistence between these two polarized communities while offering families a chance to access sustainable livelihoods.



Naandi Community Water Services


Naandi which in Sanskrit means a new beginning is one of the largest and fastest growing social sector organisations in India working to make poverty history. Founded in 1998 our work has 3 broad sectors Child Rights Safe Drinking Water and Sustainable Livelihoods. They also have a research arm that takes up action researches and other field based trials to check out innovations and their potential to positively influence policy. Their ideology revolves around building sustainable models within the social sector that deliver critical services efficiently and equitably to underserved communities.

Water & Sewerage