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Costa Rica

abcdexperts connects businesses to recommended and trusted services providers across a complete range of fields worldwide who are exclusive members of a community built to generate customer leads.

Financial & Insurance activites


Gridtest Systems


Gridtest was founded to address the interoperability and safety challenges faced by Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers EV infrastructure providers and users based on using electricity to power clean transportation. Among the most pressing of these challenges are safe reliable operation and interoperability between the abundance of new EVs and charging stations coming to the market around the world. These issues have the potential to disrupt charging damage equipment or leave drivers stranded. Gridtest is the only EV charger test equipment manufacturer to address these challenges by comprehensively testing and verifying performance and interoperability in accordance with international standards in the lab during installation and once deployed in the field.

Transportation & storage


Timu Technologies

South Africa

Timu Technologies is an online entry level job and micro business platform. It provides access to opportunities that allow its users to gain experience skills and employment.

Information, communication & technology