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Disaster Accountability Project

United States of America

Strengthen the nation's disaster management systems through public accountability citizen oversight and empowerment whistle blower engagement and policy research.Disaster Accountability Project (DAP) is a nonprofit that saves lives and reduces suffering after disasters by maximizing the impact of preparedness response and relief through citizen oversight and engagement policy research and advocacy and public education. An independent watchdog for disaster relief and humanitarian aid we believe that transparency accountability effective working systems and public participation are necessary for effective disaster relief preparedness response and recovery. Dedicated to public participation and long term oversight we welcome volunteers interns supporters and donations.



MGov Brasil


Since 2012 MGov has been meeting the demands of public managers social organizations and corporate social responsibility organizations by providing access to a variety of information about public services users profile and their assessments of these services information about the profile of beneficiaries of social impact initiatives rigorous monitoring and evaluation and civic engagement actions.The primary distinguishing factor of MGov s methodology is its platform. Taking advantage of the worldwide use of mobile phones MGov uses analogic technology text messaging (SMS) and voice calls to implement a two way communication channel with respondents gathering data and sending out information based on customers needs.

Information, communication & technology


Waste Watch

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

Waste Watch is now Keep Britain Tidy. Keep Britain Tidy is an independent environmental charity that fights for people s right to live and work in a place of which they can be proud. Keep Britain Tidy inspire people to be litter free to waste less and to live more and they believe that caring for the environment is the first step to a better society. Keep Britain Tidy work at the heart of the business government and the community to help people understand that what s good for the environment is also good for society and enable them to take action to improve that environment.

Waste Management & Recycling