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United States of America

Barber Gale provides sustainable brand development and graphic design solutions for companies that market environmentally positive products services and corporate values. So what is a sustainable brand? It is a brand that seeks triple bottom line returns by focusing on social environmental and economic prosperity. It is a brand fueled with integrity and that resonates with authenticity. It is a brand that can become a bonfire easily attracting relationships and customer/advocates who in turn gather kindling (new customers/advocates) so to speak to fuel the brand's bonfire of awareness. The power of a sustainable brand lies in its promise to enlighten engage and enrich the brand experience for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

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Dunya Media


Dunya tells stories that reflect the diversity of the people they're talking to. Whether it's a romantic comedy set in the Canadian suburbs short form health tips for South Asian seniors or helping a company like Ellebox reduce the stigma around women's health they're dedicated to using film and brand development to make happy solutions for serious problems.

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