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Bio-Adhesive Alliance, Inc.

United States of America

Bio Adhesive Alliance is a research and development team consists of scientists and industry practitioners who have come together to change the bio mass and live stock waste management a problem in agriculture industry to a solution for construction industry.

Agriculture, forestry & fishing


Helion Energy

United States of America

Helion Energy is dedicated to making practical and affordable fusion energy a reality. Through commercialization of a proven revolutionary fusion technology we intend to address growing clean energy demands in a manner that is good for the environment and consumers alike.



HJ3 Composite Technologies

United States

HJ3 Composite Technologies provides the most comprehensive line of strengthening products in the world for fortifying and protecting structures against earthquakes blasts and environmental damage at a fraction of the cost of replacement.rn

Real estate, design & building



Each year the U.S. generates over 30 million tons of waste plastic but only 8 percent of waste plastic can be recovered for recycling. PolymerGreen s proprietary technology converts all types (#1 #7) of waste plastic into gasoline diesel and fuel oils through catalytic depolymerization. We differentiate our technology by using a highly efficient catalyst with low OpEx and CapEx costs.



PowWow Energy, Inc.

United States of America

PowWow Energy Inc. is a leading innovator in the Agriculture & Water sector. Based in Sunnyvale California our team leverages Big Data to solve the problems of ranchers and farmers and help the environment by making better use of our water and energy resources.

Water & Sewerage