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Angus Burke

EP Health is a lightweight online corporate wellness company providing a personalized mobile solution to both public and private businesses. We deal in preventative health motivation and productivity by focusing on increasing individual health with personal fitness and diet coaching.Our services assist corporate HR to deliver enhanced employee recruitment & retention while simultaneously boosting productivity & engagement. As a result our corporate clients are able to reduce health care costs employee absenteeism & sick days.Employees love EP Health s delivery of personalized tailored fitness & wellness routines crafted by our trainedexperienced & certified Health Professionals. Programs are fun goal oriented & seamlessly integrated into daily lives.

Human health & social work



United States of America

LifeDojo improves employee health one habit at a time. Using clinically proven 12 week behavior change methods online platform engages employees in a structured journey of motivation change planning and daily action resulting in healthy habit changes that last. LifeDojo's offering of holistic wellbeing programs includes Exercise Healthy Eating Mastering Stress and Mental Resilience. Programs include live coaching 60 research based action steps and the support tools needed to succeed. Employers use LifeDojo to complement existing efforts or to serve as the backbone of all wellbeing efforts at their company.