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United States of America

Aliento invests in the leadership and the well being of undocumented youth and children impacted by detention deportation and unjust immigrant laws. Aliento has a holistic approach rooted in resilience and leadership. Aliento provides an art and organizing program for youth and children to build their leadership and uplift their voices. Through popular education and leadership development trainings Aliento creates a safe space where youth and children are trained to become agents of change in their communities. Aliento is reshaping the image of who immigrants are and shining light to the unheard voices of our society.

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Helpusgreen is a social enterprise that preserves the Ganges River from becoming a religious sewer. Helpusgreen does this by flowercycling (upcycling) the floral waste from temples and mosques that is dumped in the river into patented fertilizer and incense sticks. This in turn provides livelihoods to manual scavenger families in Uttar Pradesh India. Since the Ganges is considered sacred in India cleaning the river not only provides employment to manual scavengers but eliminates the entrenched attitudes and discriminatory practices that still bind families to this degrading occupation. The community benefits from a reduction in disease predictable income social acceptance and most importantly dignity. The project is scalable and brings a hope to revive the Ganges.

Waste Management & Recycling




Women produce half of the world's food and are responsible for their family's well being yet they are often treated as second class citizens. According to the United Nations women's empowerment is one of the most important pathways to achieving the SDG goals. Mnandi helps rural woman combat poverty and malnutrition by empowering and equipping women with skills and knowledge in agriculture nutrition markets and technology assisting them access affordable and effective agro technology through an input sharing program and collectively purchase and sell goods and services. Mnandi's vision is to ultimately end hunger and poverty.Reduce poverty and malnutrition in rural women subsistence farmers by developing a fully mechanized community farm which equips and capacitates the women with the required tools and information.

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