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Alternative Waste Technologies


Alternative Waste Technologies is a company focused on creating renewable biomass energy from environmental and organic wastes. AWT aims to clean one market and slum a day at a time and enhance environmental empowerment through a combination of briquetting technology entrepreneurship and a distinctive business model by providing a safe accessible and affordable disposal of organic wastes through conversion to briquettes thus create a clean environment to slum residents and markets across Kenya and the greater Sub Saharan Africa. AWT offers quality efficient affordable and long lasting organically produced briquettes to institutions organizations and individuals as substitute energy fuel which generates sustainable employable income to the community as well as provide a clean and safe disposal of solid waste for a healthier and safer environment. We are also a mission driven social enterprise whose aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities to at risk youths e.g. ex juveniles to avoid crime unlock their potential develop their skillsand create successful futures for themselves and their families. While we know that creating jobs is essential we are convinced that providing work alone is not enough to support at risk youths in moving out of poverty. AWT s young employees need a path to develop them a means to build skills and capabilities for the long run. AWT offers an intensive work study program that allows youth to grow as they learn basic skills develop technical capabilities and eventually earn degrees that enable them to secure professional jobs when they graduate from our program.

Waste Management & Recycling


SP Renewable Energy Sources


SPRE is a leading biogas company in India operating across the world from its headquarters in Anand Gujarat. SPRE was founded 14 years back and has been growing ever since creating history. We at SPRE design construct and operate projects centered on anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Inspired by nature SPRE combines energy efficiency with long term sustainability benefiting both businesses and the environment. We offer technologies for the production of energy from solid organic wastes agricultural industrial waste water and biomass. We design manufacture and deliver all types of biogas plants i.e. Flexi biogas plants Mid sized biogas plants and Industrial biogas plants as per the customers' requirement.