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United States of America

ADRA Peru is one of the leading non governmental relief organizations in the world. It works with long term sustainable development projects in order to provide benefits to people in poverty extreme poverty and high social risk situations. It is part of the ADRA International Network operating in approximately 120 countries.rnrnADRA works in Peru since 1965 serving and caring for those in need promoting their integral development looking for a compromise through actions of mercy without regard to their ethnic political or religious association.

Financial & Insurance activites


Alashanek ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development


Alashanek ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development (AYB-SD) is a youth-driven organization aimed at alleviating poverty in underprivileged communities through its socio-economic development model, which places youth and women at the heart of its focus. The developmental programs improve the quality of life through education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Real estate, design & building


New York City Coalition Against Hunger

United States of America

The New York City Coalition Against Hunger (NYCCAH) represents and is the voice for the more than 1100 nonprofit soup kitchens and food pantries in New York City and the 1.4 million low income New Yorkers who live in households that can t afford enough food. The coalition works not only to meet these residents immediate food needs but also to enact innovative solutions to help society move beyond the soup kitchen to ensure economic and food self sufficiency for all Americans.



Power for All

Power for All advances renewable decentralized electrification solutions as the fastest most cost effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access. Power for AllUnifies the voice of the beyond the grid companies and organizations to advocate for specific supportive financial and policy enablers.Mobilizes the broader sectormanufacturers distributors consumersto de position fossil fuel centric business as usual approaches to addressing energy access.Proactively positions renewable decentralized energy as premium quality climate resilient products and services that enable a wide range of productive uses for the global community.



Social Plastic


The Plastic Bank is a social enterprise turning plastic waste into a currency that can be exchanged to help lift people out of poverty. They provide a social impact in areas with high amounts of poverty and plastic pollution by setting up exchange and recycling centers.