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Agrisoma Biosciences


We deliver sustainable energy solutions founded in agriculture.Through the application of advanced crop improvement and breeding technology Agrisoma has commercialized a non food sustainable crop called Carinata enhanced yield of uniform high quality oil for biodiesel and biojet fuel production.This proprietary crop product Resonance Carinata is a sustainable scalable solution to biofuel feedstock demand.With more than 2 million litres of advanced biofuels being made from carinata and more than 10 million kilograms of sustainable animal feed produced in the initial commercial production by over 140 innovative growers in Canada the United States and South America Agrisoma is scaling its operations to meet growing demand.

Agriculture, forestry & fishing


US Chia

United States of America

US Chia is an agricultural startup based in Louisville KY who grow and distribute US grown Chia seeds. The seeds of chia plants (Salvia hispanica L) are a nutritional powerhouse. Chia seeds contain the greatest concentration of 3 fatty acids of any seed and are the only source of 3s that does not require any chemical or mechanical processing to release its nutrients. Chia contains twice as much fiber as wheat and oats. Chia is high in protein and contains the full spectrum of amino acids. Chia s dense antioxidant content allows seeds to retain their health benefits for years without losing potency. Chia seeds are a rich source of calcium magnesium iron and potassium and arguably contain the widest range of nutrients in a single source.

Agriculture, forestry & fishing