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United States of America

injii is an interactive media broadcast platform for the collaboration of artists and charities. We help raise crowd donations for charities by leveraging the content of professional artists and entertainers on a synchronized live stream. injii is about doing what s right. We support charities by raising awareness and funding we promote artists by showcasing their content on a global scale and we engage viewers to get involved with good causes. Through injii artists can share their content with viewers to increase their fan and follower base to help skyrocket their up and coming career. We encourage artists who are passionate about their work to produce incredible video content for causes they strongly support. Our revolutionary platform entails an innovative time slot allocation system for synchronized broadcast of content. Everyone watches together at the same time. This is done to help support great causes on a global scale.injii is about making the media content experience more personal to move people to captivate them to get them involved. injii provides a leveled playing field for artists and charities to promote their work. Our platform provides an unobstructed and uninterrupted environment where everyone in the world is watching alongside one another to help solve the major issues we as a people face each day. injii engages viewers by strategically tying together influencers and charities to improve lives