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Sun Fund develops and owns solar projects in the USA.

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Sun Fund originates develops finances builds operates and owns solar projects in US markets. Our experienced team has succeeded with a solar business model that works for the investor. We re also bringing clean renewable power to parts of the world where people have no access to electricity. We bring solar power to medical facilities schools water wells and homes around the world to help empower communities in need. Sun Fund is aggressively efficient finding savings in all phases of the project and throughout the entire solar project life cycle. The Sun Fund team currently has over 55 megawatts of solar projects under development and is ramping up to build 1000 megawatts over the next five years. Your investment will go towards these revenue generating projects. The Sun Fund management team has successfully developed over $70 million worth of projects since entering the solar sector in 2014. They have a proven track record in project development financing engineering procurement and construction of solar projects.Our experienced team leaders remain committed to promoting Sun Fund s vision the rapid deployment of solar energy in the United States and a strong commitment to helping families in the developing world gain access to clean renewable energy.We invite you to join the Sun Fund community of investors on our campaign to build the renewable energy future here in America while simultaneously helping to bring clean energy to families and communities in the developing world.


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