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Unikum.net has the vision Unique learning for unique kids. We make digital tools making it easier for schools to adapt to the learners instead of learners adopting to schools by visualising and aggregating the learer profiles and making it easier to adapt lesson plans to specific groups of learners.Unikum.net represents a new generation of mobile school portal apps for preschools and schools built to combine with collaboration platforms from Google Microsoft and Apple. Unikum.net typically replaces the old generation of all in one Learning Platforms / LMS systems.Focus Unikum a mobile learning portal focused on collaboration in country & curriculum specific core school processes such as 1) Planning for learning projects based on the curriculum 2) Formative and summative assessment and 3) Follow up of learning results on student group school and municipality level and 4) Planning and tracking special needs activities and progress.Traction Unikum was founded in Sweden and today has over 1 000 000 user accounts in over 5000 schools in more than 70 cities. Unikum is growing rapidly and is preparing to enter other markets outside Sweden.Bootstrapped Saas business model Unikum was founded in 2005 is bootstrapped with cash flow positive growth and has already reached 3 MUSD annually recurring revenue ARR.Drivers for growth Important factors behind the growth are 1) Everything works on all devices (mobile tablet portable) 2) Built to complement cloud services from e.g. Google and Microsoft 3) A complete built in curriculum database and 4) A bank of over 300 000 learning projects with Creative Commons licenses shared between teachers across the country.


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