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MeWe and MeWePRO the two divisions of Sgrouples Inc. are award winning disruptive apps challenging both Facebook (consumer) and Slack (enterprise). They are separately live on desktop iOS and Android. Having both consumer and enterprise divisions solves the monetization issue that holds back Twitter and SNAP and captures key value that Slack misses by having millions of non paying members that add no value to them. MeWe is picked as a company to watch in the 2018 FTI Tech Trends Report MeWe's Advisory Board includes Sir Tim Berners Lee inventor of the World Wide Web MeWe has been honored as a Start Up of the Year Finalist at SXSW (South by Southwest) for Innovative World Technology MeWe was named one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies In America by Entrepreneur Magazine MeWe's CEO (Mark Weinstein) is one of the founders of social media and leading privacy advocate. His bio can be found here https// Weinstein Founder CEO of MeWe.534beb68.pdf MeWe The anti Facebook MeWe (https// is the next gen social networking private chat and group sharing app that gives its members total control with its Privacy Bill of Rights. Live on desktop iOS and Android. There is no fake news no newsfeed manipulation and MeWe members are #Not4Sale. The revenue model is freemium with a suite of great free standard features plus in app revenue generating sales of special features and services that are truly helpful to members and a modest fee for Pages along with a Premium membership option. MeWePRO Enterprise Collaboration MeWePRO (https// for enterprises is the next gen enterprise collaboration software with the best fully integrated collaboration tools and the best security. The revenue model is straightforward with monthly recurring revenue per user. Companies are rapidly adopting new communication software far superior to email and document sharing services. MeWe Advisor Raj Sisodia (also advising Southwest Airlines Whole Foods The Container Store and others) introduces MeWePRO this way MeWePRO is a collaboration tool for organizations that by all accounts is far better than existing offerings such as Slack.

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