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National Standard provides primarily long term debt financing

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We at National Standard provide financing and policy based creative and transformative solutions to governments financial and banking markets and the infrastructure industry in over 70 countries around the world.National Standard provides primarily long term debt financing to Sovereign Sub Sovereign and governmental entities Social and economic infrastructure assets Banks non bank financial institutions and insurance companiesNational Standard fills the role as a private sector quasi global infrastructure development bank and monetary institution with commercial investment banking structured finance and fund manager skill sets together with geopolitical policy making capabilities and knowledge. First private non governmental institution to focus exclusively on sovereign sub sovereign and infrastructure funding development economic development insurance and public policy related to these subjects. We fill the role as a quasi development bank and monetary institution with commercial investment banking structured finance and fund manager skill sets. We are politically neutral to all governments. Creator and manager of complex government economic and infrastructure plans globally.We are a single source debt provider of long term (20 35 year) financing for essential social and economic infrastructure projects and also as a monetary liquidity provider to governments and the banking sector providing more efficient private debt as an alternative to public bonds.Effectively our institution provides the Western alternative to Chinese policy loans to governments and infrastructure but with more favorable terms without political strings as we are politically neutral and a non governmental institution.Financing Profile Long term up to 40 years Term loan senior unsecured debt credit facility asset leasing hybrid equity Tier 1 Tier 2 capital Time Deposits for banks/insurance Interest only structures or customized repayment schedules Concessional loan terms available for public sector case by case Financing is credit driven by the credit quality of the sponsor or guarantor LIBOR Index is used for interest rate pricing Simplified underwriting process Sharia compliant available All transactions are fully compliant with all required United States regulationsNational Standard is the world s first globally integrated exclusively dedicated infrastructure and sovereign finance organization with geopolitical economic policy making capabilities.National Standard s consortium of member companies make up a multinational umbrella organization active in more than 70 countries around the world spanning from the America s and Europe to the Far East of Asia Africa and the GCC. The organization includes affiliate companies in diverse industries and expertise including debt finance leasing insurance project and real estate development services and aviation. National Standard is not a commercial bank or securities dealer and does not provide banking or securities related services and products. National Standard maintains offices and professionals in the global markets we serve and is governed by a Global Management Committee.We built our organization products and reputation around the unique needs of three distinct clients Sovereign Sub sovereign and governmental entities Social economic and financial infrastructure markets Public and private sector banks financial institutions and insuranceUnlike traditional banks and equity investors National Standard is the architect of sophisticated institutional liquidity capital that supports our public sector clients national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy. We accomplish this by providing long term flexible and friendly financing without the use of public bonds to Central Banks Ministries of Finance and Treasury Departments Multilateral institutions and Development Banks Ministries of Infrastructure and State Owned Enterprises Sub sovereigns Municipalities and ProvincesComplimentary of our finance products we advise and pilot our clients with the creation management and implementation of national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy initiatives at the macro and micro level on a bespoke basis.These may include Marshall Plan oriented infrastructure and economic policy plans.In the private sector National Standard provides passive direct investment to banks non bank financial institutions and insurance companies.In this asset class we act as a primary or alternative source of lo

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