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ICM Limited


ICM understands the importance of giving back by investing in the Community and have identified sustainable effective and focused education is where we can make the biggest impact. ICM works closely with Teach a Man to Fish (TAMTF) and The Saville Foundation whose wider objectives are to support education models that are scalable and have the potential to become self sufficient. They also support projects that assist individuals and communities to support themselves through entrepreneurial enterprises including micro financing & micro franchising. ICM engage with projects across the education spectrum ranging from rural pre primary and primary schools to colleges and universities.Since the incorporation of ICM's predecessor company in the late 1980 s we have successfully established the ICM Group as an innovative and dynamic long term global asset manager.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Global Impact: Access to Financial Services


Total Impact Advisors

United States of America

TOTAL Impact Capital (TOTAL) develops unique investments for investors who are searching for superior returns non correlated deal flow and a chance to positively affect the future of the world. Working with enterprises governments and non profits they use market mechanisms to create lasting sustainable and profitable solutions to challenges relating to agriculture (food security) healthcare cleantech (energy clean water recycling preservation) education and financial inclusion. Within Impact Investment TOTAL plays a critical crossover role between capital providers and entrepreneurs.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services