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HEVA Fund is an East African fund that invests in the transformative social and economic potential of the creative economy sector in the East African region. Since 2013 HEVA has innovated financial models specifically for the East African creative economy and has invested in more than 20 creative businesses in the fashion digital content crafts and decor value chains. From Nairobi Kampala Kigali Arusha Lamu to Dar es Salaam the creative sector is where the creation of new products and new cultural experiences is happening. We want to be in the forefront of helping producers of cultural goods and services to build high value profitable businesses where new ideas will come to life and where the highest potential for great profits great jobs and happy people will be found.

Type: Institutional Investor Geography: Kenya Impact: Capacity Building


Purpose Ventures

United States of America

Purpose Ventures makes evergreen investments in steward owned companies. We take no voting rights because we believe that autonomous fully responsible entrepreneurs take the best decisions for their company. We do not exit our investments and have no fixed investment period because we want to support companies that do not turn into speculative goods. To us a company is a group of people working for a purpose not a good that can be bought and sold. Purpose Ventures makes long term investments in steward owned companies. For us steward ownership is any form of ownership that makes a binding commitment to keep the company independent and mission driven.

Type: Institutional Investor Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services