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FountainVest Partners

FountainVest operates as true partnership both within the FountainVest team and with the management of the companies in which FountainVest invests in. FountainVest create value for the companies in which FountainVest invests by helping them with strategy execution funding governance and risk management. In certain cases FountainVest help companies with consolidation both in the domestic market as well as through international acquisitions.FountainVest is a leading private equity firm investing in companies that benefit from China s growth now managing total assets over US$4.5 billion. Our successful track record has made us the preferred partner for current and emerging industry leaders.Our investment strategy has consistently focused on businesses that benefit from the secular growing needs and rising aspirations of the expanding Chinese middle class. While we are a generalist fund that invests across sectors we have strong experience in areas of healthcare consumer retail media & entertainment and lifestyle. Our deal types are both control and growth capital oriented with us having a high operational focus and a dedicated portfolio management team. Over the years we have been at the forefront of some of China s most innovative and sophisticated transactions.

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