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Crystal Springs Foundation

United States of America

Crystal Springs Foundation (CSF) is the family foundation of Mike and Joyce Murray. It was named after Crystal Springs Farm the old dairy farm located a few miles outside of Redmond Washington where the Murrays live. The primary mission of CSF is to help create permanent improvements in the lives of the poor and less fortunate. The foundation does this through grants and Program Related Investments (PRIs). The foundation has a history of making start up and catalytic grants and PRIs to high impact non profits both domestic and international. The foundation does not respond to unsolicited requests for grants.

Type: Foundation Geography: Global Impact: Access to Financial Services


FB Heron Foundation

United States of America

The Heron Foundation was created in 1992 to help people and communities help themselves out of poverty. Today the foundation is focused on building a better economy in the United States one in which reliable employment and income are available to every willing worker or household. The New York based foundation aims to deploy the full balance of its endowment towards that mission and invests all of its assets through a single capital deployment office removing the traditional foundation s operating distinction between investments and grant making.

Type: Foundation Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services