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Fundación ACCIONA Microenergia


ACCIONA Microenergia is the corporate foundation of ACCIONA SA was created in 2008 and aims at development cooperation through the promotion of access to basic services and infrastructure for people and communities without expectation of coverage of such needs. In addition it supports and encourage humanitarian social economic cultural progress and promotion aimed human enhancement in all its dimensions activities.Social services microenterprise created by the Acciona Microenergy Foundation to provide access to basic electricity water and other infrastructure services to isolated rural communities in Peru without access to such services. It provides basic electrical service to isolated rural communities of Cajamarca (Peru) using Home Photovoltaic Systems and a fee for service model. In 2012 it changed its name to ACCIONA Microenergia Peru

Type: Foundation Geography: Mexico Impact: Access to Energy


Southern Mutual Help Association

United States of America

Since it was founded in 1969 Southern Mutual Help Association (SMHA) has helped people develop strong healthy prosperous rural communities in Louisiana. Southern Mutual Help Association special focus is with distressed rural communities whose livelihoods are interdependent with the land and waters. Southern Mutual Help Association work primarily with agricultural and pervasively poor communities women and people of color. Southern Mutual Help Association help build rural communities through people's growth in their own empowerment and the just management of resources.

Type: Other Capital Providers Geography: United States of America Impact: Capacity Building