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United States of America

The mission of Benevolent is to bring dignity and self determination to both sides of the giving equation illuminating the realities of life on the edge of sustainability.Benevolent makes it possible for everyday donors to give to help one low income individual over one hurdle at one moment in time. We work exclusively in partnership with local nonprofits and public agencies so that every person's story presented on the Benevolent platform is validated and managed professionally and locally.Donors contribute to help with things like uniforms for someone to accept a job laptops for school and security deposits and furniture for people exiting homelessness or domestic violence. At Benevolent we know that the opportunities and challenges that pop up in the lives of striving low income families are as unique as the families themselves. We believe in helping people follow the paths and reach the goals they ve set for themselves.

Type: Foundation Geography: Americas Impact: Equality & Empowerment/Minorities/Previously Excluded Populations


Cooperative Fund of New England

CFNE advances community based, cooperative and democratically owned or managed enterprises with preference to those that serve low income communities through: · provision of prompt financial assistance at reasonable rates · provision of an investment opportunity that promotes socially conscious enterprise; and · development of a regional reservoir of business skills with which to assist these groups.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Northern America Impact: Affordable Housing


Shared Interest

United States of America

Shared Interest works as a catalyst for social and economic change in South Africa. Since thier inception in 1994 they have used loan guarantees to bridge the gap between South African banks and marginalized people previously considered unbankable during apartheid.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Africa Impact: Access to Financial Services




The SITAWI is part of a new and important global movement that seeks to give civil society activities a high standard of excellence and efficiency. Thus the time and resources that are available to achieve maximum impact. Be in the financial field whether in the management SITAWI is an example to follow.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Brazil Impact: Access to Financial Services


Uberis Capital

United Kingdom of Great Britai

UBERIS Capital is an impact investing venture capital firm with offices currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and London, United Kingdom. It supports the founding and expansion of high growth social enterprises that serve the base of the socio-economic pyramid.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Impact: Access to Financial Services