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United States of America

Mosaic is the first peer to peer lending platform for solar power. Mosaic provides borrowers access to affordable solar loans investors opportunities to invest in renewable power and clean energy supporters the power to spread wealth from the sun to their communities. Mosaic is enabling thousands of people to profit from the ongoing transition to a better energy future.

Type: Corporate Geography: Northern America Impact: Access to Energy


Salai Energy Solutions


With a focus on rural electrification Salai Energy Solutions has assets and strong interests in solar power components and energy storage technologies in India.

Type: Corporate Geography: India Impact: Access to Energy




SOLARKIOSK GmbH enables and empowers the sustainable economic development of remote communities worldwide. Its unique energy solution the Solarkiosk was designed by Berlin based GRAFT architects and provides remote communities with crucial energy services and quality products. Using an inclusive business model to foster local entrepreneurship SOLARKIOSK GmbH links communities at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) with the means to operate a sustainable business and provide vital energy services communication information and education with clean solar energy.SOLARKIOSK designs manufactures implements and operates a modular expendable kit of parts solar powered business hub which can be deployed in the most remote areas. The solution comes with all appliances to kick start a profitable business multiple phone charging refrigerator cooling satellite TV Internet connectivity and printing/scanning/copying of documents. The business hub is operated by a local entrepreneur who sells solar and green products clean cooking stoves energy services and fast moving consumer goods to local customers.SOLARKIOSK intertwines an award winning design technology with an inclusive scalable business model to enable and empower BoP communities worldwide through the provision of renewable energy services products and solutions thus creating both triple bottom line impact and profitable business centers.

Type: Corporate Geography: Africa Impact: Access to Energy




Since 2012 SunFunder has provided $77m debt financing to 46 solar borrowers in Africa and Asia directly improving energy access for over 5m people and mitigating more than 450k tons of CO2 emissions annually. SunFunder raises capital through private debt offerings and reached first close on its new $85m Solar Energy Transformation (SET) Fund in February 2019. The company exists to solve the financing bottleneck for off grid and weak grid solar providing working capital loans receivables financing and project financing to manufacturers distributors developers installers and retailers that provide solar energy in countries such as Tanzania Kenya Uganda Rwanda and Ghana.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Africa Impact: Access to Financial Services


Wunder Capital

United States of America

Wunder is an online investment platform that allows any accredited investor to access investment-grade solar projects across the country. Not only does this new and transparent way of investing in renewables represent a terrific opportunity for investors, it is also transforming the solar industry and helping to solve the current energy crisis.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services