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CEI Ventures Inc.

United States of America

CEI Ventures Inc. is the venture capital investment arm of Coastal Enterprises Inc. specializing in early stage investments. The firm seeks to invest in companies that are emerging growing or undergoing transformation. It primarily invests in companies in the undeserved markets throughout the Northeastern United States.They believe there is value added to financial returns by addressing a multitude of social concerns through all stages of the investment process. They have successfully identified compelling investment opportunities in a range of markets undeserved by the financing community. Through investing in these companies they create quality employment opportunities especially for people with low to moderate incomes promote progressive management practices support socially beneficial products and services enrich distressed communities and foster environment sustainability.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Employment Generation


EKO Asset Management

United States

EKO is a specialized investment and advisory firm focused on discovering and monetizing unrealized or unrecognized environmental assets. They do this by investing in projects and companies that create environmental value as well as advising landowners companies investors and government agencies that can benefit from existing and emerging environmental markets.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Northern America Impact: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation


Tau Investment Management

United States of America

TAU Investment Management LLC is an active growth equity investment firm that transforms global supply chains. By upgrading and de risking supply chains TAU uses capitalist solutions to solve capitalism s worst failure the undervaluation of human and natural resources. By investing to enhance the operational performance of manufacturers TAU delivers value to all stakeholders including investors seeking both superior returns and social and environmental benefits.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Asia Impact: Access to Information


The Meloy Fund

The Meloy Fund is a US$20 million impact investment vehicle focused in Indonesia and the Philippines created to demonstrate the potential for financial returns in the coastal fisheries sector thereby de risking the market for later stage investment. As the first impact fund focused solely on coastal fisheries in the developing tropics the Meloy Fund is a pioneering fund that will seek to have a catalytic impact in the fisheries sector and crowd in additional investors and private sector businesses to support the transition of coastal fisheries to sustainability through market building initiatives. The Fund is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rare a global conservation organization that has empowered local communities in over 50 countries to shift from being resource users to environmental stewards.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Philippines Impact: Food Security