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Cordes Foundation

United States of America

The Cordes Foundation was created in 2006 by Ron and Marty Cordes following the sale of Ron s investment management business. In 2014 Ron and Marty were joined by their daughter Stephanie Cordes as Vice Chair. The Cordes Foundation champions bold innovative solutions to the world's toughest problems. It does so by connecting equipping and supporting social entrepreneurs and by catalyzing new sources of capital for impact investments in social ventures.

Type: Foundation Geography: Americas Impact: Access to Financial Services


Elevar Equity


Elevar Equity is a thesis based investor focused on generating outstanding investment returns by delivering essential services to disconnected communities underserved by global networks. They back entrepreneurs who deliver innovative market-based solutions that provide valued services to millions of customers. Their entrepreneurs have clear vision, deep customer knowledge and know how to harness market forces to build lasting companies and foster economic development.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Asia Impact: Access to Financial Services


Mission Point Capital Partners

United States of America

MissionPoint Capital Partners was originally formed in 2006 as a private investment firm established by Mark Schwartz former President and Chief Executive Officer of Soros Fund Management and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs (Asia) Jesse M. Fink co founder and former Chief Operating Officer of priceline.com and Mark J. Cirilli former Chief Investment Officer of Marshall Street Management.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Energy


Sustainable America

United States of America

Sustainable America is a new environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to the dual issues of food and fuel. Food is fuel. The consumption of food and traditional fossil fuels are inextricably linked. Their production is nearing capacity, and shortages in both are a very real near term possibility. Rising prices at the pump become increased costs (or decreased portions) at the grocery, and the combination effectively shrinks already stretched paychecks for millions of Americans. Without a concerted effort at all levels to separate the two—and to develop both component and systemic solutions to agricultural and energy shortcomings—we will be faced with a global crisis. As daunting as the outlook is, there is hope on the horizon. Our goal is to bring together like-minded groups to foster awareness through open dialog and educational outreach, and act as a catalyst for the development and funding of real solutions to the impending food/fuel crisis. Only by thinking and working together can we cultivate the change that fuels our future as a Sustainable America.

Type: Foundation Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Energy