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Aquila Capital

New Zealand

Founded in 2001 Aquila Capital is one of Europe's leading alternative investment management companies. Their award winning investment products range from Risk Parity to Real Asset investment solutions including agriculture/farmland infrastructure/renewable energies and timber/forestry. Aquila Capital is amongst the largest 25 European hedge fund managers and has won numerous awards. Most recently it was named European Hedge Fund Firm of the Year at the Funds Europe Awards 2012 and won Best Performing Macro Systematic Risk Parity Fund at the Hedge Fund Journal Europe 50 Performance Awards.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Australia and New Zealand Impact: Access to Financial Services


Futuro Forestal


Since 1994 Futuro Forestal has been an impact forest investment and services company. They develop and manage sustainable timberland projects for investment funds family offices and qualified private investors. Based on their native species experience they also provide eco system restoration services for industrial and private clients.

Type: Corporate Geography: Panama Impact:



United States of America

Mosaic is the first peer to peer lending platform for solar power. Mosaic provides borrowers access to affordable solar loans investors opportunities to invest in renewable power and clean energy supporters the power to spread wealth from the sun to their communities. Mosaic is enabling thousands of people to profit from the ongoing transition to a better energy future.

Type: Corporate Geography: Northern America Impact: Access to Energy


Wunder Capital

United States of America

Wunder is an online investment platform that allows any accredited investor to access investment-grade solar projects across the country. Not only does this new and transparent way of investing in renewables represent a terrific opportunity for investors, it is also transforming the solar industry and helping to solve the current energy crisis.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: United States of America Impact: Access to Financial Services