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Golden Lane Housing

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

Golden Lane Housing works with people with a learning disability to provide supported housing around which they can build their lives. We were established as an independent registered charity by Mencap in 1998 to help tackle the immense challenges that people with a learning disability face in finding a home.Since our inception we have invested 102.4 million transforming the lives of over 1700 people with a wide range of needs in more than 750 properties across England Wales and Northern Ireland. Each year we house over 100 people and continually find innovate ways to provide suitable housing solutions in this ever changing society.

Type: Other Capital Providers Geography: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela Impact: Affordable Housing



StartSomeGood is the global crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, changemakers and social good projects. The truth is there is no shortage of problems in the world. But the good news is there’s also no shortage of people with the ideas and passion to address those problems. These are their people, the changemakers. Too often however, the vision for change doesn’t come packaged with the resources needed to make it happen.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Global Impact: Access to Financial Services


Wellcome Trust

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

We re a global charitable foundation both politically and financially independent. We support scientists and researchers take on big problems fuel imaginations and spark debate. We remain true to the vision and values of our founder Sir Henry Wellcome a medical entrepreneur collector and philanthropist. Our work today reflects the amazing breadth of Henry's interests and his belief that science and research expand knowledge by testing and investigating ideas. Our governance is based on an updated version of his will.Our funding supports over 14000 people in more than 70 countries. In the next five years we aim to spend up to 5 billion helping thousands of curious passionate people all over the world explore ideas in science population health medical innovation the humanities and social sciences and public engagement.

Type: Foundation Geography: Oceania Impact: Generate Funds for Charitable Giving