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HamsaHub is a Myanmar based responsible business consulting firm providing specialist services in CSR programme design stakeholder engagement and due diligence. Thuta Aung co founder of HamsaHub capitalises on his western education and networks within his home nation.What's in our name? Hamsa is a mythical bird in Myanmar Legends. The Hamsa can be found a symbol for trade and commerce being used as a mascot for Yangon Region and Mon State both being centres of trade for centuries and the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce. Being involved with inception of new projects and ventures we see ourselves as an important hub for responsible business development in Myanmar. Hence we named ourselves HamsaHub.What makes HamsaHub special is that the company is made up of Myanmar professionals who have studied and worked abroad who can bring international standards to Myanmar while understanding the local context. The internationalisation of services is supported by expatriate staffs who have rich Myanmar and regional experience.

Type: Corporate Geography: Asia Impact: Income/Productivity Growth