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Accelerator Technology Holdings


Accelerator was founded by Dr. Fawaz Zu bi in Jordan in 2005. Backed by a diverse group of institutional and individual investors from around the world Accelerator was established with the aim of investing in technology in the Middle East. In doing so Accelerator was one of the region s first institutional venture capital investors.Accelerator has recognized since its establishment that technology growth in the Middle East faces unique challenges. Therefore more than just venture capital investors Accelerator has created led and supported a range of initiatives that address the gaps that our region's technology ecosystem faces in innovative ways thereby helping transform the region's technology and entrepreneurship landscapes.Among these initiatives is Silicon Badia an Accelerator subsidiary which focuses on early stage investments in Jordan and the Middle East. Silicon Badia is focused on taking regional entrepreneurs and ventures from their local roots to global scale. It does so through three inter connected entities Badia Impact Fund an early stage VC fund focused on the Middle East and sponsored and managed by Accelerator. Badia Outreach Fund a seed fund that invests in U.S. startups that is seeded and managed by Accelerator. The Launchpad a three month acceleration program that takes Middle East entrepreneurs to the heart of the U.S. tech ecosystem.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Jordan Impact: Access to Financial Services


Silicon Badia


Silicon Badia is a venture capital company which invests in technology startups in Jordan the Middle East and the U.S. and works to connect entrepreneurs companies and investors from these regions. Backed by Accelerator Technology Holdings one of the Middle East's first institutional venture capital investors Silicon Badia was founded in 2011 and is currently deploying two primary funds Badia Impact Fund focused on Jordan and the Middle East and Badia Outreach Fund focused on the U.S.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Western Asia Impact: Income/Productivity Growth