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Georgia Research Alliance

United States

GRA s business is opportunity creation sparking or facilitating new science and technology efforts that have the potential to help people while creating a substantial economic impact.The primary conduit for this opportunity creation is university based research. We help universities attract outstanding talent foster true collaboration invest in necessary infrastructure and technology connect people even provide limited funding to advance research toward commercialization.While GRA is responsive to the strategic interests and aims of six Georgia research universities we are also highly proactive often synthesizing or initiating programs that show promise. No two deals engineered by GRA are exactly the same indeed how we work may vary depending on the opportunity at hand.

Type: Foundation Geography: United States of America Impact: Capacity Building


Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund


We recognize that youth are brimming with innovative ideas to tackle the complex challenges that confront today s society. Yet without an established credit history assets and business experience required by traditional investment models young social entrepreneurs face challenges securing the necessary funding to accomplish their goals.We also recognize that investors are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with their current investment portfolio and opportunities. They want their investments to earn financial returns while simultaneously positively impacting the world.YSI bridges the gap between the needs of young social entrepreneurs and impact investors byProviding young social entrepreneurs with debt financing and resources that facilitate successful venture growthOffering triple bottom line investment opportunities that generate financial social and environmental returns.YSI sources capital from impact investors and after thorough due diligence distributes that capital in the form of loans to young social entrepreneurs working to make the world a better place.

Type: Investment Fund Manager Geography: Canada Impact: Access to Financial Services